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Pentax lens system


I just copy a list of available lenses for the Pentax system here. We were talking in an Olympus thread about Pentax and I realized, that they actually have now a broad choice in new lenses already abvailable, especially for FFL compared to some competitors...

smc DA 14 mm / 2,8 ED (IF)
smc DA 21 mm / 3,2 AL Limited
smc FA 31 / 1,8 AL Limited
smc DA 40 mm / 2,8 Limited
smc FA 43 mm / 1,9 Limited
smc FA 77 mm / 1,8 Limited

and new DA 70mm/2.4 Limited

smc DFA 50mm / 2,8 Makro
smc DFA 100 mm / 2,8 Makro

smc DA 10-17 mm / 3,5~4,5 ED (IF) Fisheyezoom
smc DA 12-24 mm / 4,0 ED AL(IF)
smc DA 16-45 mm / 4,0 ED AL
smc FA J 18-35 mm / 4,0~5,6 AL
smc DA 18-55 mm / 3,5~5,6 AL
smc FA 20-35 / 4,0 AL
smc FA J 28-80 / 3,5~5,6 AL
smc FA 28-105 /3,2~4,5 AL (IF)
smc DA 50 - 200 mm / 4~5,6 ED
smc FA J 75-300 / 4,5~5,8 AL

Together with the New Pentax K10D, this looks now more interesting, although I can not judge about quality of the lenses...


Well-Known Member
Hi Diego,

I like the look of the 645 especially. I wonder what it will cost.
This sentance from the site seems so sensible and an idea which many have been calling for for some time.

"This product will be continuously upgraded by incorporating newly developed image sensors, with its final effective megapixels expected to reach a 30-megapixel level"