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Photoshop CS


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For those forum members who use the N Digital, I have sent caliberated target profiles to Neat Image Support. If you use the N Digital, Photoshop CS, and the Neat Image filter, this should save you alot of time in post production noise processing. The profiles cover 25 ISO to 400 ISO. They were shot as recommended by Neat Image. I used a Contax N Digital Camera (firmware 1.07), a Contax/Zeiss N Mount 50mm/ 1.4 lens. The camera was set manual exposure/manual focus at infinity. I used natural indirect light and shot at f 2.0 with varying shutter speeds in the range of 1/15 to 1/125 second depending on the ISO. The target was a GretagMacbeth Color Checker 10-02. The web address for Neat Image is www.neatimage.com and the profiles will probably be available on the site sometime next week depending on Neat Image support. I have more new and exciting things coming up for N Digital/Photoshop CS users that I am very willing to share. I'll keep you informed on the forum. No, Albert this is not what I was talking about before. Just be patient and you'll see! Greg "Al" Larson
Thanks, Greg. We'll wait with bated breath

Wondering where he put his ND's $#%@^# Firewire cord
Fellow N Digital / Photoshop CS Users-
I have exciting news for all N Digital / Photoshop CS users. About a month ago I posted a request to Adobe for Camera RAW support for the N Digital. Thomas Knoll, the lead programmer for Photoshop CS, responded to me and offered to help out. Thomas has written a beta version of the Camera RAW plugin that provides unofficial support for the N Digital. This week I sent Thomas my N Digital so that he could refine his programming. The beta testing of the new plugin is being done now. Adobe will not allow me to announce the release date of the new plugin. Please watch Adobe’s website for more details. I will of course let you know if I have any news on the progress of the new plugin. This should be a real time saver for N Digital / Photoshop CS users. Thanks Thomas Knoll! Greg "Al" Larson
WOW!!!!! I emailed adobe once a month over the last year and got no response.....but you did it!!!!!!!! THANK you for your effort and Thomas Knoll for finally listening.....I can"t wait!!!!