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Problem with mounting demo Zeiss 21mm Biogon T


New Member
I recently purchased a demo 21mm Biogon for my green label G1 (mail order from B&H with warranty). The lens does not click/lock in place when I try to mount it on the camera, just turns on and off. The first pictures look slightly out of focus. My 35mm Planar locks and unlocks with the body button as expected. Should I expect the 21mm lens to click/lock in place? Thanks for the help. Michael

I have a G2 and and the lens clicks in place. This is probably a very stupid question, which you may have already tried. But, have you turned the f stop to greater than f5.6 before you tried install the lens. I find when I try to install any G lens at f4, f2.8, the lens will not click in.

Good luck, I hope your problem is resolved as easy as a twist of the aperature ring.

Howard - for some strange reason, after one week of not being able to mount and lock the lens, it is suddenly working (just after posting my message). Doesn't seem to matter how the aperture ring is set. Thanks for the suggestion. Michael

Sometimes the mounting ring rotates out of place - I've had a similar experience with my 90mm. In the future, if it isn't 'clicking' into place (this happens occasionally), just give the mounting ring a little twist before trying to mount it to the body, and then it should click into place.

Mark Edwards