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PS 7 and Canon 10D



Why Photoshop 7.0 don´t open raw files of Canon EOS 10D?
Thank you
A Plug-in for RAW files is now available. However, as different manufactu= rers' RAW formats differ, you should check that it will work with Canon's.
The Adobe plug-in for RAW files is not designed to work with the 10D. HOWEVER, the plug-in can be patched and will work. This is not trivial. I would wait until PS version 8 ships later this year. The RAW plug-in is part of v8 and it will support the 10D.
Has anybody tried the Adobe Camera Raw plugin with raw files from the new D300? PS7 does everything I need (and then some), and I'd rather get the ACR plugin than spring for the upgrade to Photoshop CS (aka 8), considering the fairly minor feature upgrade it offers relatively to the price.
Why buy the RAW plugin for photoshop. The upgrade to CS will cost about the same price. which is why i'm waiting + you get extra features and upto date support.
Terry is absolutely correct.

First of all the PS7 Adobe RAW plug in doesn't support the 10D (only the 1D and 1Ds). Secondly, PhotoShop CS (PS-8), has a lot of new features including an improved browser with the RAW plug-in already there, (which is also better than the Adobe plug-in for PS-7 because it offers even more advanced RAW adjustment controls). PS-CS also now supports 16 bit processing with a lot more tools available when working in 16 bit verses what PS-7 provided.

There are some important new tools in PS-CS designed specifically for photographic processing, including a shadow and highlight feature (whole new control window) that is invaluable to digital camera users.