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Question about Contax



I am looking to buy my first rangefinder. Today I went to the leica/used camera store. The saleman after learning my budget (2000 dollars) pointed me to a great used contax. It is a black G2 kit, with 3 lenses a flash and a case for 1795 plus tax. He told me that this was a rare limited edition kit, but I wasn't sure if that was just a sales tactic or not.

I liked the feel and view through the viewfinder. I have just never had any experiance with a contax and was wondering if this was a good deal, and if it was a good camera for someone new to rangefinders.


The Contax G2 is an excellent camera, and you can find out almost everything about it (pros and cons) in this forum. If you liked the viewfinder and the handling, you will probably be very happy with the quality and the lenses.

Someone will come and say that it is not a "real" rangefinder, but I think of it as one (rangefinder as opposed to SLR). It is a wonderful machine. You don't have the super-fast lenses of Cosina or Leica, but their quality is excellent. It is an autofocus camera (I like that), which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Plus, motor up to 4fps, auto wind, speeds up to 1/6000...

The deal they offer is good in the sense that the black kit, new, sells for $2,700 in the big NYC stores. HOWEVER, if you don't mind buying the "titanium finish", you can get the G2+45mm+flash for 1,500, then add the 28 and the 90 for $450 each and then get a rebate from Contax (check it out on their website http://www.kyoceraimaging.com/promotions.asp) of $300 (G2 +1 lens) + $200 (2nd lens) + $200 (3rd lens)= 2400-700=1700 new with USA warranty (and if you buy it in NYC from California, you even save the tax).
Of course, you would have to wait 2 months for the refund by Kyocera (you have to pay the 2400 up front), and you may prefer the black finish (a lot of arguments about that on this site), and the advantage of the USA warranty may not be so important to you (particularly if you trust the store). But the truth is that you can get the same equipment, new, for less money.
Good luck!

Hello Clayton,
I feel that you were offered a very good price for the black G2 kit, even in comparison with the titanium set. I have both the titanium body with a 21mm and 45mm, and the black kit with a 28, 35-70 and 90mm, and can only say, the black one has an excellent finish and is certainly worth much more, if you want to resell in a few years. I think it is quite a bargain.
I am sure you will enjoy using the G2, it handles well and gives excellent pictures.
Wishing you a the best,
I don't know about rare, but the black Contax G2 kit in black was considered to be a limited edition. I bought one that had a defective 28mm lens (it works on my silver G1 but not the G2).

When I bought it, I was looking for a quality rangefinder too. Keep in mind that it is not a typical rangefinder camera (like a Bessa R2 or Leieca M6). It is an autofocus camera with no superimposed images in the viewfinder.

The used G market is large and offers amazingly low prices. Perhaps you want to dip a toe in the waters with G1 and solo lens. If you bond with this gear, then trade up to a G2 and more lenses, even new.

I almost went this route, but eBay presented me with a T (Contax rangefinder of a different breed).