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Quiet Huon morning


I really enjoy "snapshot" images like these (nothing pejorative meant here by "snapshot" it's my favorite form of photography) --
because it shows me how it really looks in that part of Tasmania. No dramatic light, long exposures, pixel stacking, whatever.

That the lake and its geography look the same as those near where I live, the San Francisco Bay Area so far far far removed from Tasmania, surprises me. I'm just programmed to think far away places should look different. And many do. But when they look the same, I'm always just a touch surprised.

Anyway, indeed, it appears a fine place to linger over a long lunch and a glass of fine wine. (Napa Valley, or OK, one of those Australian ones.) :)


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It's been a while since I've visited Tassie. Must go back!

Whenever I buy pinot noir, my preference is Tasmanian. :z04-5769: