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R6 fair price


New Member
I have the opportunity to buy my first Leica: a used R6 body on which I will put a new Summicron lens. The body is fully functional and in general good shape. The seller is asking 800 Euros, and includes a motor winder with grip for this price. Is this a good deal price-wise?
Thanks for any tips.
Hello there,

800 Euros is a little on the high side for an R6, especially when you can get an R8 for 1050.00 US.

Dale Gee
Dear Stijn,

I have just bought an R6 with a Summicron 50mm F2 for £600 (850 euros) from a dealer I know very well who was selling it as a commission sale. Price had been reduced by about 250 euros. I would say that 800 euros is a fair price in the UK but that would be with a 12 month guarantee. worth having as I understand Leicas are not cheap to service. Certainly worth putting a test film through first before your buy to check everything works correctly. My advice would be that if you have any doubts, don't buy, as in my experince of buying a lot of kit secondhand, the right one will turn up.


I just bought a used R6. There are no camera manual come with this camera. Can any body tell me what kind of battery this camera used? Please advise detail information of the battery that used in this R6 camera body.

the R6 use the same kind of battery than the M6:
2L76, 3Volts, for ex&le from the Energizer.
You have made a good choice, the R6 is very nice.