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Replacing TripodCamera Screw in Leica Case



This may be a simple thing to answer, but is causing me grief. Recently found a like-new case for my IIIf but it has 3/8" screw attachment installed. I can change tripod female thread with 1/4" insert but that leaves 3/8" male thread to connect with my 1/4" camera mount. Is there an easy way to get screw out of the camera case without destroying case? Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Andy
Robert, your answer never made it to the forum. If you have some ideas please resubmit.
Thanks, Andy
I thought all LTM cameras had a 3/8" tripod thread but maybe I'm wrong. This might seem like a stupid question, but are you sure someone hasn't put a 1/4" insert in the camera?
Dear Ray,

Until I guess the late fifties both screw-mount and bayonet-mount bodies were available with either thread. The M4 and Leicaflex were the first with 1/4" only.

Prewar all cameras going to English speaking countries only had 1/4" thread.

I assume Andy's camera speaks English!


My serial number is 619380 which makes it a 1952/1953 model. No question about it being OEM 1/4" thread in tripod socket.

Have since been told that screw in case is held by round metal disc approx. 20mm in diameter for most cameras. That would mean removing a lot of stiches in a tough area to repair.

Thanks for comments, Andy

I suggest you not wreck a pretty good irreplaceable case.

Look arounf for a good 1/4" one and then sell the 3/8".

FWIW my IIIa has both a 1/4" tripod cocket and English on the baseplate (open/close rather than auf/zu)

Bob Marvin