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Hi to all,

Member of the previous incarnation of this new site since 2008. Began my digital trek with a Sony DSC-H2 which I still miss. BTW, I kept a copy of the incredibly useful "White Paper" written for this camera and still refer to it. Moved on to a Fuji HS-10 (best color) and then my one and only DSLR, a Canon Rebel T4i. Finally decided I did not like having to carry around two lenses which led to to a Panasonic FZ-1000 that has now morphed into my current Mark II version. Will always wonder what Fuji could have done if they had updated and fixed their X-S1 and created an X-S2 with a one inch sensor! My primary interest is Fall foliage and airshows.
The best of everything in these trying times to all and this site.

Harry Zee


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Thanks to all of you for the "thumbs up"! The Antonov above was a quick shot taken with my trusty old Sony H2 from our condo balcony as it flew over on its approach to Philadelphia Int. many years ago before we moved to Maine. I saw its "big brother" somewhere between 2006-2010 as we were departing Shannon. It was parked on the left as we taxied and I kept thinking "There are three engines hanging off of that right wing" and then things finally clicked!

Trust all goes well with this venture as your efforts are already appreciated.