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Ricoh GR User Forum and Ricoh DPR Forum (Too many forums)

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There are just too many forums as shown at the bottom of the page.

This will cause fragmentation of community's and cause people dilemma as to where to make a post and track conversations.
For instance if i want to post about Ricoh GR, you have to choose between GR User forum (which already has too many sub forums) and now your new DPR forum with a Ricoh forum. camera-info.com also has a Ricoh forum..
I use multiple brands/systems and would like 1 forum and 1 login for all brands. The current forum implementation just makes it too fragmented to work with. Who would want to follow multiple locations/logins to follow your favourite brand, in my case Rioch GR.
I say this not to criticise as i appreciate its early days but hopefully a solution can be found and this will help drive traffic to one place and build a community.

I'll try to offer a possible solution that may be beneficial to all?
Why not link the DPR forum directly to the GR User Forum and allow the same login. So when you click on the DPR Ricoh forum it takes you directly to the GR User forum to make your post. Same with sony etc
I really hope a more streamlined solution can be found.


Hi Maltmoose,


I see you point, but if you think about it, nothing has really changed with the launch of DPRforum.com. DPRF is just "replacing" dpreview, which will be deleted in a few weeks. We did not add anything. One is getting deleted, one is new.

Therefore everything stays the same as before. Same choice as before. People do pick, what they most prefer. DPRF is for dpreview members who used dpreview beforehand. Either they have been already parallel in one of our other photo communities, or they did not. Some start to think about new directions and prefer now brand-communities.

Nobody wants to push the users in a specific direction. There are so many alternatives, also outside of our photo community network.

The more choice the better for the user, because all different forums really have to try hard to make their forum a good place so people stick with them.
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