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Rollei 6008AF vs. Rollei Hy6

I am currently using the Rollei 6008AF and very pleased. What would I gain purchasing the Hy6? And in your opinion is it worth the purchase (excluding the cost) when I am pleased with the 6008AF. Can find very little from a Hy6 owner to be guided by. Please help.


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This is an interesting question. It all depends on your needs and wishes. The 6008 AF remains a very capable camera.
The main differences between 6008 AF and Hy6 are:
- lighter and smaller
- a different battery (a stock lithium battery instead of proprietary NiCad)
- the motor has been removed from the body (not needed with digital backs anyway)
- autofocus with improved sensitivity, including infrared beam
- handgrip with LCD display forms an integral part of the camera and is no longer removable
- better integration with digital backs (integrated RGB sensor for improved white balance; EXIF data; ability to use AFD lenses in addition to AF).

Do these different features matter for your use? If your main purpose is digital shooting, I would probably take the Hy6 over the 6008 AF. Your choice of backs will be between Sinar and Leaf. With the 6008 AF, the main choice is PhaseOne.

You may find the information on my webpages useful to make a comparison between the cameras. I myself use the 6008 AF with both film back and PhaseOne P20 (Rollei DB20p).
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Did not realize the manufacturer has filed for bankruptsy. This could result in the liquidation of the company in which case there would be not support for the Hy6 and other Rollei products. Would you go near a Hy6 even at a great price given this situation?


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I should report that, notwithstanding the claim of insolvency, the F&H plant in Braunschweig is open and working. Meanwhile a solution for the longer term is being looked at. Contacts with Leaf and Sinar/Jenoptik are ongoing. I am quite positive a good solution will be found, which ensures the future of the Hy6/AFi platform.


New Member
As a Rollieflex owner, I find this information very helpful for future decision making. I like my Rollei 6008 I because I can use film and digital. I use my Imacon 528 C back, with an adapter. I find the Rollei very user friendly. I may move up to a Hy6 in the future and I hope the F&H plant in Braunschweig remains solvent. The cameras and accessories are too fine for the company to fail. I wish I could buy the company and provide the marketing, funding, and continuity the brand deserves.


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DHW at Braunschweig, the manufacturer of the ROLLEI HY6 and lenses, works still intensive and busy with a group of fine and very experienced specialists! All they need, is an good finacial shot from an Sheik from Dubai etc.!

The maintenance and repairs of any Rolleiflex camera are assured by the Company and its official camera/lens repair service firm!