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RX LCD display quirk



The LCD display on my RX has started showing an intermittent low battery symbol even though the battery should not be exhausted (approx. 20 rolls). It comes and goes. If I happen to switch off the camera while this low batt symbol is displayed, the film counter digits disappear. Switching the camera back on will show a normal display and I can then switch off and still see the film counter.

Anyone seen this quirk? I will try a new battery, but I don't think a weak battery should cause this intermittent behavior. Should it? Is it normal for the display to go blank if you switch off when the batteries are low?

Contaxes and batteries grrrrrr! There does not seem to much logic as to how they behave even if the battery is a little bit low. If in doubt replace it. I would also suggest that you acquire some switch contact cleaning fluid (e.g. Servisol), make up a mini "dob" stick using a cotton bud with a small piece of lint free cloth such as a bit torn from a well laundered old pocket handkerchief and clean the contacts well. You may also find the contacts on the on/off/AEL switch have become dirty/corroded. If you are brave/competent/foolhardy, you can, as I did, disassemble the camera to clean these. If you don't feel up to this, it is a visit to Kyocera. However, as the frame counter is not behaving, I would almost certainy say it is either the battery or the battery compartment contacts. Wilson