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Sad oh well



Well, like you guys know, I got my G2 a week or so ago, and it's working out great! However, checking these threads, it looks like (once again), I purchased my G2 before I should have.

I got my G2 on the second hand market (which it's really not even second hang, but thats another story) and I bought a 45 planar from BH for 350.00 plus shipping. With the rebate, that brings the cost of that lens down to 200.00 (not bad in my opinion)

As of today with this Contax Sales Event, the 45 planar is going for 270.00 which doesn't not include the rebate (150.00). Which means you can get a 45 planar for your G system for ..... 120.00?!!!

Good deals on the other lenses too, i think I may pick up another lens. What do you guys recommend I get the 35 or the 90?

I shoot landscapes and people (i know, different lenses for different media). lol

I shoulda waited.........


New Member
If landscapes are the main focus of your attention then I would say the 90mm might be the next one. Contrary to popular wisdom I find a short telephoto is incredibly useful for landscapes rather than wide angles. That said you definitely do need a wide angle too. My best three lens setup for landscape photography is the 21mm, 35mm and 90mm. I also have the 28mm and the 45mm but they tend to get used less than the other three. It depends on how you visualise your pictures too - for me the ideal wide angle is 24mm but that is not an option we have with the G though.

You could do a lot worse than to build up a 28-45-90 set (unless you want to splash out on the 21mm - but it isn't for everyday use though as it can be just too much).


The emailed price from B&H on the 90 is $413.96. Less the $150 rebate would make that lens only $263. That is right isn't it? When these cameras first came out, I never would have thought the prices would ever be this low. If I could convince myself that I needed another 35mm system I'd be in deep trouble right now ;)


Active Member
I just ordered one of these 90s. I already have the 35, and love it. I had been about to buy a used 90 this past weekend, but something made me wait. Now, what will I have to sell so I can afford a 21, and a new film scanner. I think maybe my CLE and 40mm Rokkor will have to go.