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Samsung love anyone?


New Member
Am quite amazed there's no dedicated page for Samsung cameras, specifically the NX500 and NX1. They are still as a whole package, to my mind, the best hybrid mirrorless cameras to date and I've tried numerous other systems. There's even a metabones-type adaptor for Canon lenses created exclusively for the Samsung system . That's a full frame! NX500/NX1!. Any comments welcome.
Hi xectis,

a friend of mine used to have a Samsung NX1 with some lenses. I was impressed with the speed and accuracy of the AF. The images looked also very good. I never would have thought, that Samsung is able to get so far with its first serious round-up of cameras. There are other reviews out there who report very positive reviews about that camera.

The reason why we do not have a dedicated Samsung section here is, that they quit the photo market with their N system and there simply are not enough models and not enough years selling them to have a big enough userbase for an extra forum. At least that is what I have thought.

But if you find more Samsung system users and they are interested in, we can easily change that and make a specific Samsung forum for it here. But we need for that at least around 10 users who use these cameras here and are willing to participate and help other Samsung users here.
Hi dirk, Thanks for responding and for having me here. There are numerous forums out there dedicated to Samsung, including dpreview and eoshd as well as a few Facebook pages. Even as a dead system Samsung is being kept very much alive by its followers. There's even an ongoing petition for Samsung to resurrect or at least bring firmware upgrades to the mentioned cameras. It might be a futile attempt but hope is a good thing. I'll see if I can get a few people interested to join this website and hopefully create a Samsung page.