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Setting fvalue in 12 stops on Contax G2



With a Contax G2 I can set the f value only in full f-stops (2-2.8-4.0-5.6 etc.). The same for the shutterspeed. So, when taking pictures in the manual mode, I can set the exposure only in full stops! That's somewhat inaccurate for slides.

Is it possible to set the f-stop between the 'clics' of the full f-stops? I see the diaphragm move when changing the apeture just a half stop, but will it work correctly?
I just bought a G2 but I used to adjust "mid" the aperture with my M6 without any problem. I think there are no reasons that it can't be efficient with the G lenses ! Make a test,look inside the lens and move the ring you'll see how the elements move inside. The diaph works even the lens off the body.

Have some pleasure with G2

Yes, Nicolas is correct. There's no aperture connection or communication between the lens and body as with an SLR. The lens should hold any f-stop you desire.

p.s. Especially using slide film, if you have any reason to suspect you won't be getting the right exposure, the auto-bracketing feature is very handy.

Right, it's continuous, with detentes at the whole stops. One annoyance with contax is that there are so few lenses with clicks at half-stops, though. If you want to set intermediate values and leave them there - very useful in some applications - you can be defeated by the tendency of the ring to slip to one or the other click stop (whole stop). Not the end of the world, but it's been a problem for me on a number of occasions.

If exposure is the issue why not use the exposure compensation? That gives 1/3 stop increments.

Also, I suspect that the actual shutter speed is what we sometimes call 'Programmed' and not always what the display says. ie. it could give a shutter speed of 1/100 when it says 1/90. Certainly I reckon that I have had 3 seconds in auto exposure when the normal sequence would be 2 seconds or 4 seconds.

The exposure compensation works well when you shoot with natural night or dedicated TTL flash. For Contax lenses without 1/2 stop clicks, it is a pain when you use studio strobes or shoot in manual mode. I have heard photographers complain about it often. This is one area I always wish Contax can improve upon. Carl Zeiss lenses for Hasselblad has 1/2 stop click and Rollei even has 1/3 stop clicks. Why can't Contax learn from them?

For me, when I make studio shoot with the N1 or C645 in the studio. I always have to climb up the stool on top of the camera to view the aperture ring and adjust to the 1/2 stop position. (I can see half stop value from the viewfinder, but it does not change right at the half position.) Imagine shooting the whole assignment with 1/2 stop bracketing, I have to climb up and down the stool over hundred times each day. And this approach only works for still life.
"For me, when I make studio shoot with the N1 or C645 in the studio. I always have to climb up the stool on top of the camera to view the
aperture ring....."

Your camera has a stool? Wow!

In addition to the flippant comment I made earlier;

Come on guys, we are losing track of what the G Series cameras are. No camera can suit every purpose and very few people would expect them to be used in a studio with strobes. Granted the 645 and RTSiii should have smaller increments, but a rangefinder?