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Sigma Cum Laude Nikon Mount


New Member
Hi (first post) - I just bought an sd14 from eBay. Now I'm trying to pay for it. I'm selling my SD9 - also on eBay - and thought I would ask here about the Nikon mount that came with my SD14. It's a Sigma Cum Laude F1 mount that I don't have currently have use for. Would this be an appropriate place to offer it for sale?

Yes...it would in the Buy/Sell forum....I currently have two of these mounts...but here is the kicker...if the camera does not come with the original sigma mount...you might be stuck...I know a company you can purchase this mount from if you need it....

However, you might find...that you can pick-up old Nikon Lenses cheap...I have a whole collection for my SD14 converted to Nikon F...and I love the images that come from it....

Good Luck...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:
Thanks for the reply Tony -

The SD14 did come with the original SA mount. But maybe I should check with you before I swap the mounts. It looks like the Nikon mount only uses 3 of the 6 screw holes. Assuming I use the same screws for both mounts, that leaves me in need of 3 more screws. Maybe I can steal some from my old SA-7 film camera? Also the SA mount came with two "shims" or "gaskets" -not sure what to call them. It looks like one is steel and one is brass. Which one goes on the lens side and which on goes on the body side?

Thanks for any advice.

GW...if you go here you will see that the mount actually uses 6 screws...the mount has two layers...since the Nikkor lenses need to sit a little further back than the SA Lenses when mounted to the SD14....once you unscrew the three there are a full six bellow...

This is the installation guide for the Mount.....and yes I think you can use your old SA camera mount....


Have a great day.....Tony C.:z04_cowboy: