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Sigma DP1s - won't retract lens and power on


New Member
Hi fellow Sigma users!

I am the proud owner of a Sigma DP1s - which as been given me plenty good images.
A few days ago I went out to shoot with my DP1s, tested the camera at home, powered on, (it was ok) and stored on my backpack. When arrived to the park and powered on the camera the lens expanded as usual but suddenly the screen got black again and since then nothing has been able to bring her back to life again.
I though it was a empty battery, (I have two) but when got back home and tested it, nothing happens. This camera never suffered any accident whatsoever. The camera didn't suffered from extreme cold, humidity or anything like that.

Now I have a mysteriously dead Sigma DP1s with a extended lens and don't know what to do. Any ideas would be most welcome!

thanks a lot!


Well-Known Member
Take out the memory card...let the camera sit for about a week w/o a battery in it...then plug everything up and try it again....

If that does not work you will have to send it off to Sigma for repair...there is a know issue of a flexible cable in the lens compartment that bends and breaks...Sigma can fix it...it just takes a few weeks....

Good Luck...I hope the first suggestion works....


New Member
thanks for your comment!
I will do that..

I've just checked and there's a few dealers selling what seems to be the mentioned connection cable on ebay. If this is the case, are you aware of any repair guide out here? or at least if soldering is required?