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Sigma SD14


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I have always been impressed by the Foveon concept and I have great expectations on SD-14. I hope they have completed the digital revolution by offering a 24x36 format with 3 colours per pixel recognition.

The next job is to fit Zeiss lens to SD-14. This camera comes with Sigma SA mount. Does anyone knows about this mount ? Is this mount big enough to allow cross platform adaptors ? Are the Sigma lenses good ?
Hi Joseph,

Where did you hear about the SD-14?

I have searched the net and cannot find a reference to it although I know that Dirk mentioned a new Sigma to be announced at Photokina a while ago.

Iv'e no recent experience of Sigma lenses apart from a 24mm CZ East which I have and I think was made by Sigma. I like it.

I seem to remember reading in Amateur Photographer occasionally of pictures taken with Sigma lenses and they seem OK.

I would be interested too.


News section of Camera-info.com. Yesterday was the announcement:


And our report from June 21, 2006, that Sigma will present the SD 10 successor at Photokina:


I have the Sigma SD14 since last December. I am VERY pleased with the results. But the SD14 has also its disadvantages (not only the lens mount).

I will report more details later on as soon as I have more time but in short:
  • The SD14 Foveon sensor can give you results, that will remind you on the old Fuji Velvia 50 and Provia 100F. 3-D effct, clean images, and the feeling you could "touch" the stuff you photographed.
  • Suprisingly good noise reduction, although at high ISO not as good as Nikon/Canon
  • Very good colours (velvia)
  • You can use easily the new Zeiss ZS (M42 screw mount) lenses with an M42 to Sigma adapter on the SD14. Works perfectly. I have currently the ZS 50/1.4 and will get this week the ZS 35/2.0.
More details later...