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So Far So Good


I'm pretty happy with this forum so far. Here's a photo from my SD Quattro H. Sorry it's not full resolution.


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I am happy, to meet you here again, Scott! May I say "welcome!" ?

At the moment I have 2 big hopes: That as many of our old acquaintances from DPR as possible will find themselves here. But I also hope that DPRForum will have a long and responsible existence.
Shortly I said in that connection that people's basic necessities (like water, energy, transportation) should not be privatized and thereby subjected to capitalism. This doesn't end well for people. And this also applies to cultural goods such as DPR. DPR IS a cultural asset - and now it is subjected to a short-sighted and selfish calculation.


Oh, I forgot: A very nice, expressive and well lighted picture. Thanks!