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So Glad to see the Continuance of DPR Forums

Major Jack

Active Member
I am so glad to see a continuance of the DPR Forums. I am, and will be a frequent participant in the Retouching forums, and hope that many of our old friends find this place and rejoin here also.

Just so you know, my REAL name is not Jack Reacher. Jack Reacher is a series of movies I really enjoyed, with Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. I used this logon name with DPreview, and hope that it is allowed here on these forums. Obviously the photo I am using if from the Movies, and if the Moderators deem it to be inappropriate, I would be happy to remove it. It is the same photo I used over at Dpreview.

I sincerely hope these forums take off, and become as popular as the forums were at Dpreview. So sad to see the work that Phil Askey started years ago, to be closing. I am sure he has very mixed emotions about that today.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and wish this forum MUCH SUCCESS.
Hi Jack,


Just so you know, my REAL name is not Jack Reacher.

Do not disappoint us, we are so proud to have Jack Reacher with us :z04-tujxsmus:

Can you believe how many women will subscribe here, if they know that Jack Reacher is here? :z04-flucht:

We are fine with the name by the way. In case Hollywood will complain, we will change that of course. Maybe to..... Jack Sparrow? :z04-9856:


and wish this forum MUCH SUCCESS.

Thank you!