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SPP Version 4


Hi everyone.
I saw a link on Digital Cameras Review site advising version 4 of SPP was
available to download from sigma site.
I followed the link, and was given three options for downloading:
for DP1
For DP2
For SD14
I have both DP1 and SD14, but use the DP1 more often and so downloaded this first. Having done this, I then tried downloading the SD14 version. When this was done, my attempt to install it (in a different directory to the DP1 version) only gave me the option to overwrite the DP1 version, or delete it.
Has anyone else had this problem ? Are the DP1 and SD14 versions actually any different? I had assumed that each version was tailored to the individual camera, but perhaps this is not so.


Well-Known Member
All SPP4.0 versions are identical.

There is absolutely no point for any software maker release different versions of same [free] application - that would mean mutliplying bugs, development and software support costs.