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Spring will come.... early woods critters S5II/Canon EF400 f5.6L MC21


First up an immature Red Headed Woodpecker. This fellow hasn't changed appearance since last fall - maybe needs to molt before the head becomes all red. f5.6 1/8000 Iso2500 (should have checked SS)


Next up Woody Woodchuck. f5.6 1/2500 Iso1600


And... White Tailed Doe sporting her heavy winter coat. This coat will shed soon and turn her much redder in color. This particular doe is a favorite of mine. Born last spring, and within a few weeks of birth I never saw her mother again. She was by herself for most of the summer and survived. She would often lay down within a 100 feet of me and watch me work. I love that. f6.3 1/2500 Iso2500


Last but not least, a wild Turkey. f5.6 1/3200 Iso2500