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DPRF is a spin-off of dpreview. We are a photography forum with people from all over the world freely sharing their knowledge and love of photography. Everybody is welcome, from beginners to the experienced professional. From smartphone to Medium Format.

DPRF is a community for everybody, every brand and every sensor format. Digital and film.
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Announcement Status quo and next steps...


Dear members,

we created 3 weeks ago DPRforum.com for you, to have a new home for all old dpreview members once DPreview is closed.

The target was to have a better forum experience than with the old dpreview software or any other alternative out there. A modern, easy to use and reliable forum software, optimized also for the use with a smartphone. :daumenhoch:

Like building a house, we first started with the foundation.

  • We registered a very good domainname
  • We copied the forum structure 1:1 exactly from that one of DPReview, to make a transition for you smoother and easier. We wanted to help you during this time to learn all different features of this software instead of searching for the right subforum :)
  • Beside the professional forum software, we also use as a landing page a CMS (content management system) of Wordpress. Thanks to this, we are able to offer a mature CMS for any kind of ideas we might have in the future, in case we want to offer more than just a community forum. ;)
  • We also created social media channels for DPRforum.com to be able to offer you in the future also in this regard more options, in case you would like to have that. :unsure:
  • We already do the first steps with challenges/photo contest. We currently test with you how we could exercise this technically with this forum software and it looks promising.

As you can see, we built in only 3 weeks a very solid and futureproof foundation for all DPreview members, no matter in which direction we decide to go. Everything is possible, nothing set in stone. :z04-nic-0075:

Thanks to our professional platform we are able to grow longterm. Without bugs, without huge maintenance costs or individual programming needed. (y)

Bear in mind that this was probably the main reason why DPReview will be closed. :z02-deal:

We also have some DPreview Moderators on board (more will come), who will do the job here with the culture of DPRF. That makes it easier for you, because they know your needs and what you are used to at DPreview. They also know the trolls. This is important in such a situation, because all banned trolls from DPreview will now try to troll on every new place again. :teufel-grinsend-schwanz:

So, the foundation is done. Next step is the first floor of our new house. This is the fine tuning of the forum. Where goes what, what shall be included and what not etc.

Some of you might have already realized it, we slightly changed yesterday some of the subforums. Only in the first section (DPRF Discussions).

We moved 2 subforums into gear talk, because they fit better there. We changed some wordings in the other ones and made the order of appearance a little bit different. We think that this makes it easier for you to see immediately, where to do what.

But this is only the first section of the forum. There is more to come.

Soon we will look at the other sections too and then we need your help and opinion, what would be in your view the best way to stucture DPRF. This will not be done now. Ideally, we will start with it, once DPReview is really closed. We do not have any doubt that it will be closed (the DPReview forum), but as soon as this happens, more users will join and we want to offer them the same familiarity, the same smooth transition as you had, when you arrived here.

On a time line of i.e. 10 years, 2 weeks sooner or later does not matter.:D

We want to thank you all, that you supported us so much over the last 3 weeks, that you participated actively in the forum and helped each other with all the questions about the new features of this forum. With your postings about photo gear, your images etc.

This forum would not be possible without your engagement and your recommendations. :z04-2171:

Your DPRF-team