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Stunt Show ....

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Hi all,

Well, although a SIGMA is said to be a relatively slow cam, .... not really suitable of any kind of action shooting..., I just did that at a stunt show (Warner Bros. Movie-World)

My lens was the SIGMA 80-400mm EX OS....:)

To sum it up ...
It is really no problem to use the SD14 in such situations like action or sports.
Certainly, ... you have to release your shutter with consideration (when shooting in best RAW-resolution) or drop quality to have the SD running faster. In fact, I decided on full RAW-resolution and thought before releasing the shutter. I do not think that I missed a single shot....:)

Have a look!

View attachment 221

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View attachment 228

... to be continued ....:)


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Well-Known Member
Hi, Klaus!

I have heard it said in the past (and from personal experience too), action photography is possible with any of the SD cameras. It just depends on how good a photographer you are.

I guess your pictures prove you are not only a photographer, but a pretty good one. Great shots, by the way!

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs.

Guest .

Hi Jim,

thanks for your comment!

Well, no doubt ... A Canon is faster than a SIGMA. They can do up to ten pics/s ... which comes next to a movie-camcorder!

The problem, I see with shooting such large ammounts of photos is, to develop them all and evaluate them finding out the best shots.

This certainly is much more work, than shooting so many pictures?!

Dacades ago, when there were neither AF-systems, automatic light metering nor motor-winders, handy photographers very well managed their action and sport photos with their simple equipment.

Therefore, I do not see any reason, why all this should be impossible with a SIGMA SD. In fact, it is possible.:z04_photos:

Unfortunately, most photo-magazines criticize SIGMAs limited equipment and praise all the "nice to have" features of a Canon or Nikon, that make them easy to work with.... which is probably even true ...:confused:

But ... these automatically working camera systems can prevent photographers from thinking and learning. In the end, image quality is the better, the more you know on how a camera works.

See you with nice pictures



Well-Known Member
Greetings, Klaus!

Yes, we're on the same page! I think this obsession with automation is taking away some of the personal commitment a photographer requires to apply to the creative process, in order to deliver/communicate the intended message to a viewer.

I don't need a "machine gun" capacity to record shadow detail, subtle colour nuances, resulting effect of nature's elements or varying moods, I need a tool that not only needs my brain for control, but my heart too.

I guess I appreciate the simplicity inherent in the SD cameras, that does not interrupt my thinking process, before releasing the shutter to capture the precise moment.

Take a look at the results of a master using his SD14 (over 100,000 shots to date, by the way), results that surely praise the SD14 as a creative tool, here...

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Sincerely, Jim Roelofs

You are welcome to view my humble little portfolio at
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Guest .

Hello Jim,

I already admired your own "little" gallery!:z02_respekt:

Thanks a lot for the other link, too!!

What Georges Noblet does, is a real dream!!

FANTASTIC COLOURS! .... is, what comes to my mind first!! He proves, what a SIGMA can do with low light situations.

See you with nice pictures


P.S. Well I am just in the middle of "starting" my English gallery here at Camera Info ... (very humble, indeed)

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But my German CI-gallery is a bit more advanced ... since I have been working on it for seven months by now.

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