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Summar Lens Hood


I'm thinking of buying a Summar to use with my IIIf RD. Most seem to have some cleaning marks and and are uncoated. So I guess a lens hood would be particularly useful but I just never see them around. Any ideas of how to acquire one, or dare I say make one?

For the 5cm f2 Summar the hood is type SOOMP - this is a square job with a cut out for the rangefinder to see through. This hood dates from 1936 so there may not be many around. I have just entered Leica SOOMP in Google and there are a few replies, you might like to try this.

Good Luck


Michael, here is a whole outfit on that auction site just starting with a Leica , a Summar lens and the Summar hood, known as a Soomp. There also is just a hood, in clean condition, for $85usd, way overpriced...In my opinion --and I hope you have not yet bought the Summar, the Summar is a soft lens and should be very inexpensive because it is not very popular...The hood is far too expensive, unless you are very lucky...You'd be much better off looking for a 50mm/f3.5 Elmar, a 50mm/f2 Summitar or a Russian copy for the 50mm/f3.5 Elmar for about $20...I have two and they are very good and far, far better than the Summar...and all I have mentioned have much-easier-find hoods that are also less expensive...regards, bob
Micheal, Any 36mm push on hood from the 50's would fit. I use a "Kenko" Works fine. Bill