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T3 flash tricks


New Member
I just bought a beautiful black T3 and took it to an outdoor music festival. At night, using the flash option (night-time portrait), I got some decent shots but many of them were over-exposed or had too much flash "glare." Does anyone have any suggestions on using the T3's internal flash for better low-light, indoor, people shots? I know the T3 has the flash bracket but it's too bulky, IMHO.

Thanks in advance!
> Outdoor flash shots ... especially at night are very tricky. I do NOT have a T3, but w/ my other contax equipment, I find that dialing the flash down -1 EC is essential for outdoor flash at night. The reason ... very little flash is bouncing off the subject (no walls, no ceiling), and the flash unit/camera keeps waiting for some feedback before terminating the exposure. If you look through this list, you will see several members saying to shoot w/ a -1 compensation. Somebody w/ a T3 will have to tell you how to dial the flash down!

Good luck,


Does anybody know how I can acheive a flash to daylight ratio of 1:2 or 1:4 on the T3? I read that it can be done with autofocus cameras, and that you will have to either set the ISO setting on your camera to two stops slower (for 1:4). With the T3, I can't make that adjustment.
Gary, Why don't you stick a piece or two of semi transparent paper (tracing paper for ex&le) on your flash. After a few tries, you will get the ratio you're looking for. It is cheap, and easy to reverse.
Many thanks for the suggestion Jean-Claude. I was actually hoping to maximise the camera's manual setting as much as possible for this purpose. Anybody else knows if it is possible to adjust the flash to daylight ratio on the T3?
Gary -

The specific ratios you've asked for... no can do.

However, the T3 has a "Fill Flash" mode. Try it out! Also experiment with the Exp Comp feature. You'll find a comfort zone eventually. Keep in mind that the Guide Number for the built-in flash is pretty weak with 100 ASA. 400 is better. Use the manual for info regarding flash coverage.