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The Digital Switch

I have read a lot of rave review about the 20D and I am considering should I make the plunge into the digital world. I am currently shooting film, and still a die hard on analogue. I have seen a lot of progress made by DSLR, espcially from the reviews I read on the 20D, but I am also skeptical about the fast pace of changes in this format. For ex&le, the 10D was replaced by the 20D in only a short span of time and thast keeps me wondering when they are going to replace the 20D, maybe end of this year? This is the fear I had that kind of put me back from making the switch. I was just wondering if any of you guys out that who make the switch ever felt like you are constantly trying to keep pace with the replacement. To me, that's a lot of money to keep up with newer models once every year. Unlike analogue cameras, they are only replaced once every 4-5 years or longer. Care to convince me to make the switch? Appreciate any input. Thanks.

Hi,Tim, It took a lot to convince me to change-
I first looked at and tried out -the 10D,I took a
Compact flash card along to a dealer who stocks canon and he let me take some shots inside and outside of shop-I was not to impressed with 10D-
Did same with 20D-WOW!-I am very impressed.-I decided to buy it-I was worried like you about another model turning up soon-But thought Well 20D does all I want it to do Why wait-You can wait for ever if you worry about next model--This applies to-Cars-any electrical gear etc,
I have been Photographer for nearly 50years-It took a lot to convince me to change to digital.
I would not like to go back to film now.
WOW I had no idea I had to replace my analog cameras ever 4-5 years LOL I haven't got a single analog camera that new!! and the average age of my 40+ camera is about 35 years I feel NO desire to replace upgrade switch any of them. I MIGHT add a Digital SLR but the optics are so expensive I would rather just use my 14 Canon FD bodies and 40+ FD mount lenses and scan those I want to print at home or post on the web. Other wise my 25 year old slide projector looks mighty good.
Constant upgrades are marketing phenomenon, not a photographic one. If you investigate the capabilities of any given camera against your needs and standards, and determine that it meets those criteria, then get it and ignore the marketing hype
designed to make you second guess your own decisions.

If it doesn't meet your criteria, then wait, because maybe the next round of digital innovations will meet your needs. Or the next one after that. In the meantime, film isn't going away any time soon.

I've participated in constant digital upgrades, and can tell you all the hype and even user accolades are making mountains out of molehills. The advancements have all been marginal except for Canon's jump to full frame sensors in their high end pro cameras, which in turn cost more than an arm and leg.

If you want to leap into the bubbling cauldron of digital capture in order to learn about it, just get a nice D30 for $400 or $500. and learn on that. Then sell it if you don't like it. Can't lose much that way. Someone else already took the big loss on it.

I shot this with a D30, and it's a major crop from the original full sized image. What's more important with digital is learning post work in PhotoShop.

Thanks guys for all your reponses. I know it is a hard decision to make. BTW, I only take photography as a hobby and not a pro. That is why I am looking at the 20D instead of the 1DsMkII. I understand that the top of the line pro cameras usually last a fairly long time b4 they are replaced or upgraded to the next model. I saw some s&le pictures taken with the 1DsMkII and they are just spectecular. I got the picture that you can never and should never try to "catch" up with newer models but finding out that some months down the line after you made your purchase, a new/replacement model is launch, is quite a bitter pill to swallow. Its like you have been short change. I guess this mind set applies to a lot of people, whether it s DSLR or a mobile phone. BTW, Mark(Uj78), I was not implying that one should replace their analogue camera once every 4-5 years, I am simplying saying that the life cycle of analogue cameras usually last for about 4-5 years or longer before being replaced by a new model. I had my camera for about 12 years now and I'm still not looking for a replacement yet.
I, too have been in photography for over 50 years. I even worked in a camera store for 15 years. I have done some pro work, but I just shoot as a hobby an compete in camera club. I was out of the camera club scene for about 20 years, and just started up again last year. I had purchased a Contax G2, but when I found that most of the photographers in the clubs in my area were now shooting digital, I decided to switch. I use a Canon Pro1 but might get the 20D later this year. I would keep the Pro1 as a backup camera.

The reason that new models keep appearing on the market is the same reason new computers/TV sets/and any other electronics products change - the manufacturers want you to keep spending money. Of course, there are always new features as well as the latest technology, but a photo taken with a 1930's vintage Leica by a good photographer would still be a good photo...

Don't get caught up in the marketing plans of the manufacturers - just get the equipment you need to do the type of photography you want to do. If your plans change, then get the additional equipment.

Marc is right - learn Photshop!

> Very interesting responses. I've been shooting seriously since the Nikon F came out in the 1960's. Went digital first with a Sony that writes to floppies. Got several versions of the CoolPix. Got a D30 and loved it. Got a 10D > and also still have that as backup and love it. Got a 20D and sold it. Used that money to help pay for a 1Ds, which is a super camera. What works for some doesn't work for others. The 20D was not for me. I won't go into > details.
My first digital camera was the Sony F707 and I got hooked on digital instantly. About a year later, I upgraded to the Canon 10D, and what a big jump it was in terms of image quality.

I pre-ordered the 20D when it was announced (very confident that it would be a significant improvement over the 10D) and I love everything about 20D - especially the speed.

I will probably upgrade again if Canon replaces the 20D with something even better. It's a price I am willing to pay for progress.
Bobby I'm with you. Left Nikon & bought the dig Rebel, bought the 20D and gave the rebel to my wife. I have never had a camera this good
So are you going to be buying the new Canon 16mp digital as it certinly is better then your 20D. Or do you mena you will up grade when the better camera costs the same as a 20D? I'm so happy i just plod away with my 20-30 year old Canon FD bodies so much simpler.