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The little Toad....

Guest .

Hi All,

yesterday, when I was lawnmowing in my garden, my son discovered a little toad.

So we interrupted our employment and did some photo-session with the little toad.

We did that in a hurry, in order not to torture it ... my son always kept it wet.

After 15 mins my son released the toad back to nature .... :)

All shots done with my SD14 and my SIGMA 28-80mm HF MACRO (@80mm)

View attachment 422

This one is an available light shot with 5.6 aperture.
Colours look a bit "strange" because the shot was done under an orange awning. The blue tones come from the blue sky's light which came from the left. Anyway ... it may look strange but interesting ... I find.

View attachment 423

Another AL this time under neutral Sunlight .....

The following pictures are then done with flashlight stopping down apperture to 20:1 up to 32:1.... DOF obviously increasing widely.

View attachment 424

View attachment 425

View attachment 426

View attachment 427

View attachment 428

View attachment 429

For flashlight arrangement ... look HERE ... :)

See you with nice pictures



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Hi, Klaus, another good set of pics. Love your equipment set-up. I also find it amazing that this little creature seems to have a split personality. One minute it looks very menacing and the next it looks rather cute.

Keep your heart connected to your camera, it shows in your pictures.

Sincere regards, JR
Hi Jim,

the fascinating thing about pictures is, that you have unlimited time to watch it!

In the moment of taking a pic, you are absolutely concentrated to get your shot as perfect as possible. You check light and exposure, WB-setting and ISOs you concentrate on your viewfinder for the right focal length, an exact focus setting ..... aperture must be thought over for the right DOF .... and and and so forth.
In fact, you know things, you know your camera, you know your lenses and your further equipment ... you get it within seconds.

But most of the excitement comes up later, when you have your pickings on your monitor. Then first, you can have a closer look at your picture.
The little toad .... well ... know that I have my pictures developed, I have a real impression .... as you put it ... more than just one impression!

Thanks Jim for your comment

see you with nice pictures