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Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines


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Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines as a movie released in 1965 based on a fictitious race in about 1910. Some aircraft used were originals and some were built as replicas of 1910 era aircraft when flying was not for the feint hearted. The replicas are now older then the originals were when the replicas were made! They fly occasionally when the wind is low enough at one of the regular airshows of the Shuttleworth Collection. Two of the replicas, the Avro Triplane and Bristol Boxkite were flying yesterday at Old Warden in Bedfordshire, England and the sun was out for some of the time too
That's awesome! You are right, not the feint hearted!!! :eek:
I saw that movie when it was first in the theaters, and still love it. At one time all of the planes were on loan to the Smithsonian, and I was thrilled to see them in person.

Just Wow.