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Time Lapse Photography


New Member
I have had my E-1 for about three weeks now. I like it more every time I use…I just wish I had more time to use it right now.

I have always been interested in time lapse photography, but until now didn't have the right tools. The most I have done is a manual sequence of 15 photos at 10 minute intervals of a partial solar eclipse with my OM-4T and solar-filtered telescope. I would have liked to shorten the interval, but our astronomy club was hosting a public viewing of the eclipse. The long interval minimized the amount of time my scope was out of commision.

I played with the time lapse feature in Studio for a few minutes tonight, but I would like to be able to do time lapse without being tethered to a computer. Two days ago I emailed Olympus and asked if they planned to release an intervalometer similar to the one they made for the OM System. Their response was it was not being planned, but they would pass my suggestion on to the product team. I then suggested that maybe this feature could be added to the camera via a firmware update, but haven't heard back yet.

So, in the interim, does anyone here have any suggestions? Is there a 3rd party intervalometer that works with the E-1?


Have you thought of using the remote control RM-1 for this? You would have to use some form of timed mechanism to press the button, or, the remote control being cheap enough to risk destroying it in the experiment, you could open it up and connect it to enable an electronic timer to be used.