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trouble with my contax RTSII ?


Active Member
the contax RTSII have a special function to enable the photographer to shoot without batteries actioning the front lever positioned around the DOF button. in practive, you push forward the lever and action the DOF button, so the shutter works at 1/50° seconds.

but with my camera, repositioning this lever to usa normaly the camera with batteries, the camera continues to shoot at 1/50° sec.
the camera recover his full functions when i try to shoot with bulb, but sometimes, not, it seems to be an unpredictable misfunction.

someone know this problem ? Thanks for help.
apparently, there is a trouble with the DOF button, i will try to not use this button :(
sadly, it is not so simple, very ofently, the camera still shoot at 1/50° sec, whatever speed i choose. some electronic issues maybe. does anyone know this problem ?
Hello gillou,

I have not heard of this problem before. I will check the RTSII technical manual and see if I can spot a likely cause; if I can, I'll get back to you.
thanks in advance biggles3. the problem occure each time i load a film. i guess it comes from the rewind knob or opening the film door. maybe.
It appears there is a direct mechanical link between the Mechanical Shutter mechanism and the Bulb setting which suggests this may be where your problem lies. I wonder if someone has at some time removed the base plate and unlatched the 'Hook Lever for Mechanical Bulb' in the Mount Base sub-assembly. I have an illustration (.pdf) of the relevant parts but it's too big to load onto this site - if you have an email address, I can send it to you - it might help, though it is in English translated by a German from the Japanese original...o_O
i picked up the RTSII repair manual, thanks for the link biggles3.

i am triyng to put in place the winding lever dress on the winding lever. the repair manual tell that this dress can be screwed as it's shown on the repair manual :

problem : no screw thread on the article ??