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use of zeiss on nikon


Hallo there. How can I use my Carl Zeiss Planar T* 1,7 / 50 on a Nikon D 600 body? Thank you in advance
Hallo Stavros,

assuming you are talking about a Zeiss lens with Contax/Yashica mount, I guess the adaptation on a Nikon camera will not work due to a not matching flange focal length, which is 45.5 mm for C/Y lenses and 46.5 mm for Nikon cameras. Even if your lens would have the proper bayonet, then you could not focus it to infinity on a Nikon camera.

Hope this helps.

That's indeed a promising solution for some lenses with a bit of dis- and assembly work involved and hopefully worth the effort. Wish I still had my old Zeiss/Contax glass... it had to be sold long ago with a Contax 139 to be able to continue on the university....

Best of luck with your adaptation!

Actually, many of the C/Y lenses can be adapted to the Nikon bodies, including your 50/1.7 if it is an MMJ version. I haven't done that as I use my C/Y lenses on a Canon 1Ds body, which is more simple with a thin mount adapter. For your application have a look at Leitax dot com at the C/Y to Nikon folder. These mounts are well known and supported for several years. Some lenses cannot be adapted to the Leitax mounts, but many can and there is a list of those which have been successfully. Also, note that the adapted mount can be disassembled without damage and the lens and the mount can be sold separately. Regards,

I can recommend Leitax. He converted many years ago 2 Contax lenses for me from C/Y mount to M42 mount. With that M42 mount, I can use them now on 6 different camera systems with a cheap M42 adapter.

Sony/Minolta, Olympus, Sigma, Pentax, Fuji X, Canon. Only with Nikon mount the M42 does not work.
i 've reworked a lot of lenses to fit to other mounts than beeing made, highly recommend leitax - have a look at that gem:
  • Canon - Canon PowerShot S80
  • 13.1 mm
  • ƒ/4
  • 1/60 sec
  • Pattern
  • Auto exposure
I use my C/y zeiss lenses on the Nikon Z bayonet via two adapters, my original c/y to canon then a h\general Canon to Z adapter. As long as one avoids autoaperture and distance most ancient optics from all makes work without changing or discarding the original mount.The old F bayonet is a different matter.