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User comments btil June 2003



Hi, everybody!
Can anyone tell me something of the photo-quality of the Ixus v3 compared to other small 3 MP camera's?
Thanks a lot!
Hi, everybody!
I will try it again: can anybody tell me something about the photo-quality of the Ixus v3 compared to other small 3MP camera's?
I have a digital IXUS. The photo quality on small 3MP cameras is similar = to comparing point and shoot cameras to SLRs - very mediocore. I use my = digital for photos of friends, family, parties and taking pics of people = before using my EOS1v for portraits. I show them to the people at the = time and post the pictures on my website for sharing with others. The = major advantages of Canon's IXUS is the software & camera's robustness. = The low cost (compared to the EOS digitals) and instantaneous pictures = means that the camera suits my needs. The small file size is and an = advantage for uploads with the picture quality without compression. The = limitations of the v3 are that the camera has a short optical zoom and = not much in the way of customisable functions compared to the 330. If = you are expecting a lot of difference in 3MP cameras, there isn't. I = bought my camera because it suits my needs - I never print any of the = photos taken on my digital, but I post a lot of pictures to the website, = and the quality is acceptable. If you want to do some practical tests, = shortlist two or three cameras, go to a high street camera shop and take = some photos and print the results in the shop - major chains have = flagship stores that will assist, or buy a magazine that does more = scientific comparative tests =20
Thanks, Mark! I want to use the little digital IXUS the same way, next to my EOS 3 and Contax G2, but I did not know if the IXUS was the wright choise. I came to this choise because I hear very enthousiactic stories about Canon software for the PC! Frank
I just owned the IXUS V3 for few months and I am very satisfied with its small size, its quality and the low price I had to pay for such a great camera. It takes excellent pictures. The quality of the video is unbelievable. Canon makes goot camera for sure.