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Voigtlaender color scopar classic f25 35mm

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Hi there,
I was asked to tell about my experience with the small 35 lens from voigtlaender (color scopar classic). I bought that in January and have been using it alot since.

The lense is small and very light. The srcew mount can be easily adapted to a leica M body. It has a small knob to focus which looks a bit different from the leica ones. I found it very handy but it can become a problem when you use a tripod because it's very close to the camera body.

The results have so far been excellent. Contrasts and colors are brilliant and I don't regret buying this new lense instead of a used 'cron 35mm. The metal lens cab gets scratchy after a while but I like the look of that anyway. The lense in general seems to be quite solid, though.

The lense comes with a small "sun shade ring" to be screwed on top of the lense. This is not enough when you have bright light conditions as I find here in China. I will therefore try to buy a rectangled, bigger hood which is offered by voigtlaender (LH2).

I hope this helps. Sorry I cannot tell anything about the "physics" of the camera and I didn't read any tests. I am just not on the "technical" side.
However, I think the lense is an excellent alternative to the much more expensive leica lenses. I also like the look and feel of it. It's all well made. Nevertheless, I am still purchasing leica lenses of course, just to make sure leica survives :)

cheers, stefan


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Stefan I agree with your perception of this lens. I have the pancake version of the lens with a knurled focus ring instead of the knob or tab. Mine is optically identical to yours.

I find it very sharp with excellent color rendition and a pleasing out-of-focus look. And I love the short throw from close-up to infinity! An excellent lens!!