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Voigtlander 12mm Lens on Contax G1/G2



I saw the following item on e-bay.

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Is this a possible fit? If so this is incredible. I guess the usage would be similar to that of the 16mm Hologon by CZ with No AF. Anyone out there know anything about this combination? Or other possible Voigtlander lense that can be used manually on the G series cameras?


Yes, the lens mount conversion is done by Zoerk. They do both the 12 and the 15 to fit the G.



a totally useless idea as the 12mm lens with an bessa r body will cost = let than 1000=20


Active Member
I wanted to give my 16mm Hologon a run for it's money and started using it more often just to realize that tehre is no point. Lens is too dark for any type of mixed weather shooting without a tripod. I went out and bough a bessa l with 15mm for $430. Happy as a chimp with that combo and I have a body dedicated to wide angle.



Matt, Please explain in more detail what wideangle lens you are using on your g1/g2, how it connects to the camera and how you frame your shots. Cheers, James.


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Good choice! I recently bought this fanstatic lens (for $US395 new) and put it on a manual Lieca and having great fun. Your combination is even cheaper!
Regards, William