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Announcement We have Reviews now!


Dear members,

I wrote a couple of days ago, that this is just the beginning. Today I am proud to deliver on my promise. :daumenhoch:

As you know, we try very hard not just to give you the best forum-experience out there, but beyond a forum also features, that you were used from DPreview and which make even nowadays in this new environment sense. Only then it is a real added value for all of us. :z04-nic-0075:

Today we introduce DPRforum.com Reviews! :z04-smilieparty:

Just look in the navigation bar at the top and click on Reviews. This is the place where you can write about your own experience with a product and give it a rating. We started in every category already a sample product. Thanks to this you get an indication how it looks like.

You can start your own product or you can add to an existing product your review. We will add in the FAQ/Help section some screenshots.

Click around and test it. Everything is pretty self-explaining. If you are at one product, you are also able to click on a button to get to the subforum within DPRF, where this product is discussed. Another button is for downloading a broshure about this product or an owners manual etc.

Over the next coming months, we will add more products to the review section. But you can do this yourself too already now.

Enjoy this new feature and start with your own review today!

Your DPRF-team