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What are your plans for the next 6 months?


Only a few weeks left before Photokina 2018 starts. Several press announcements showed , that you have the option to go mirrorless with almost all brands and with almost all sensor sizes.

We are curious what your plans are for the next few months. Therefore we start a poll here about what you are planning to do. Which brand, which sensor format you most likely will choose and whether size of a whole system (body and lenses) is very important for you etc.

We did not want to offer too many options to select to avoid any confusion. So it would be great if you could explain your choice in a comment below the poll.

For example why is size so important fpr you or why is image quality more important for you or why you want to stick still with a DSLR or why is a P&S good enough for you etc.

You can select up to 2 options.


(See also the latest comparison between the different systems regarding size
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So I will start with my explanation for my vote. I used already all different systems out there. From P&S up to fullframe DSLR. Medium Format only analogue. I love great image quality but I hate to carry too much stuff with me, expecially if it is getting big and heavy.

After a certain while I realised that my bigger systems stayed more and more in the closet. I loved my D800 and its image quality, but my smaller systems like Fuji X and Panasonic Lumix got used a lot more, because their image quality was "good enough" for my purposes.

I would love to add Medium Format like a Hasselblad X1D to my smaller gear because it makes MF really small and light and would be the prefect combination with my MFT and/or Fuji system, if I need better image quality, but this is out of my budget.

The new Nikon Z6/Z7 is very interesting, but I am afraid that the lenses will become too big and heavy for me.

At the moment the size of the whole system (body and lenses) is the most important factor for me and I will stick therefore with MFT, maybe keep Fuji X parallel or sell it or vice versa. This has to be decided in 2019.


Active Member
In the next 6 month, i hope to buy Canon 5DM4 as a support for my 5DM3 or the other way.
I've got a mirrorless system, MFT from Olympus.
So, if Canon would bring, near christmas, a mirrorless fullframe camera in the quality from 5DM4 with the same lenses. I would think about. But an other camera and lenses system is out of range and not in my interest.


Active Member
What I really need to do is keep things simple here. At the moment I have a total mess of under used equipment: Two mirrorless Fujis, two Panasonics MFT, four compacts (g5x,Lx100,x20,x30), two Pentax SLRs and three Sigma foveon cameras (SD15,SD1 and DP2 Merrill). Sum to this a bunch of lenses and you can figure the problem size haha. And I'm talking about digital only... This year I decided to sell most of what I have here and keep just two sets, one for light travel and another just to have a spare.

The travel set will be a compact and a mirrorless system. I didn't decide yet what I will keep, the Panasonic of the Fuji. Thanks god I managed to sell all my Olympus stuff.

I may keep the Pentax and Sigma stuff. It will be a pain to sell everything and I'm sure that I will lose money.

But one thing I'm sure. I will NOT be buying anything for a long time.


I plan to consolidate my knowledge of my existing gear over the next 6-18 months and to master the video side of its capabilities.
I’m retired now and the gear I have - 2 canon 70Ds and a 200D with lenses to cover wildlife, weddings & portraits and most aspects of video - is good enough for me to explore just about anything photography can throw up.


I am hoping that Hasselblad will introduce a mirrorless square format camera building on their work with the X1D.

That would be cool! But please not too expansive...


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I've no plans to buy any more cameras in the next six months. I'm also not ready to buy into yet another camera system; I have too many already.


New Member
I'm waiting for fuji to come with a ff, with an analog shutterspeedbutton on top. In X-E-style , not XT. With an OVF, and an AF-system that works perfectly with my contax-lenses...
Keep dreaming.....


Well-Known Member
Hey Dirk, long time.

Not much interested in any gear these days. Keeping what I have maintained is more than enough of an expense. In fact, as life progressed, I probably couldn't afford what I already have. I currently use a Leica M Monochrome V1 with three older, but still excellent M lenses and two current M lenses ... A Leica S(006) five CS lenses and one S-100/2 ... these are my mainstay cameras/optics which I will use until either I or the gear expires : -) I continue to prefer CCD cameras and have recently had both sensors in these Leica cameras replaced at Leica's expense. The only negative I see these days is that this gear has become too precious because I couldn't afford to replace any of it ... partly due to the photography business imploding for a number of reasons (separate subject).

I replaced my workhorse FF DSLRs and Sony A-Mount SLT cameras with Sony Mirrorless A7R and A7R-II ... the A7R was a turd of a camera which I regretted getting almost immediately. I gave it to an assistant to use. The A7R-II polished the turd a bit but is an immensely unsatisfying tool to use ... regrettably, I had invested in an array of AF Zeiss lenses made for the Sony FE mount system which was throwing good money after bad. These Zeiss lenses do NOT perform like the German Zeiss lenses I used on a Contax camera ... or even the Japanese versions monitored by Zeiss Japan for that matter. Now there is the A7R-III added to correct all that was functionally wrong with the previous two FE mount cameras, and nothing I see warrants yet another cash dump onto Sony products because I do not see improvement in IQ. The ONLY saving grace of the A7 cameras is that I can use the M lenses on them and the results are visibly better. Many, if not most people wouldn't see the difference ... but I do. It is the only reason I keep the Sony kit.