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What is faverit system between M and R in Ameria

glad to meet you.. every members.^^
I'm south korean and member of leicaclub.net in south korean leica membership.
yesterday, i joined this club.
in korea, extraordinaryly, M system is very very popular system than R system in leica users ...i think ^^
(but. as ever, nikon and canon digital camera is major. Leica is minor)
in america members, is it fifty fifty? or M is more faverit than R?
I wonder about that of american users.
I like M system more than R.. because of those good finish...
but.I like R too. because R system has zoom lens group. ^^


In the USA, there are more users of the M cameras. There are quite a few who use the SL as it is very well built. The R3-9 are less popular as some are part Minolta and the 8-9 are large. Perhaps digital will change that.

I have many M and R cameras but recently found a clean 111f rebuilt by an expert. It is a nice pocketable camera with real interchangeable lenses. Amasingly clean screwmount glass makes really good pictures.