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What is preventing Nikon from delivering D2x s


Waiting anxiously to purchase one.
The D2x seems almost nowhere available worldwide (perhaps only in
Asia), is there something wrong. Can Nikon not deliver in due time or
has there been other (discovered technical or other shortcoming)problems preventing Nikon from supplying retailers? Vendors in Europe
en USA complain. Nikon however does not reply when asked........
Anyone got any news?



Nikon, as a rule, is a very conservative company. There are often times either marketing conditions or some timing issue involved with releasing certain hi-end models. Wouldn't want them to rush a model before it's ready (then they get trashed in the trade papers). I wouldn't know of any engineering issues and they are very tight-lipped if there WERE any. Anyone that says that they personally know of some engineering probs is dreaming.


Latest info: "D2x delay - It seems that the Nikon D2x will not be released until March according to the Nikon UK website."

Hmm...March is almost halfway through...!


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> Waiting anxiously to purchase one. > The D2x seems almost nowhere available worldwide

Nothing unusual. There were several cameras from other makers announced a year ago in February's PMA that did not ship until just before Christmas. The Kodak 14n was announced to ship on a given day, and that day was changed quite a number of times while prospective buyers who had put down deposits, grew angrier and angrier.

However, not half as angry as when the camera was delivered in an unfinished state. During the first few months, it seemed there were firmware updates almost daily. In the end, it would only work satisfactorily in a limited set of circumstances. I suspect that Nikon learned from this, since Kodak was using a Nikon chassis and lenses, so obviously were working closely with Kodak. Announcing early has a way of freezing buyers from going to competing companies, and everyone does it.

Often cameras are in sealed glass showcases at marketing shows. If anyone were to touch them, they would discover that they were simply mock-ups - with no internals at all. The body carved out of wood and finished to look like a real camera. The point is to see if there is sufficient interest to begin development. They are the equivalent to the concept cars manufacturers display at auto shows - a chance to gauge market interest.

Sometimes a camera simply never makes it to the shelves of camera dealers. Kyocera is dropping all manufacture of cameras - Yashicas and Contax are their brands. Contax, a few years back, announced the first full frame sensor in a dSLR and it generated a huge amount of excitement. Then it was delayed, delayed, delayed and either only a small number - or none at all - shipped.

It is still being shown as an actual product on the Contax web site last time I looked. I expect this was hugely costly, and the failure to deliver enraged the Kyocera top management, who in turn killed two classic brand-names. Kyocera is doing fine selling electronic components and cell phones. Don't expect to see the digital backs that Leica has been showing for their R8 and R9 the past couple of years either.

I think that that the D2X IS real, and will eventually hit the shelves. If Nikon learned anything from the Kodak disaster, they will place the first cameras into the hands of trusted photojournalists who will give them heavy beta testing on the job. By the time they get into consumers hands, they will be very well sorted out.

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Many were keeping a keen eye on the Fuji S3 Pro when it was first announced in Feb 2004, and all had to wait many months until it was eventually released for purchase. Sigma were the same with their "optical stabilisation" 80-400mm lens, as I recall. It seems Nikon aren't the only ones cautious to get things right on actual release, but it sure makes for some frustration if you are interested in finally getting your hands on the announced kit.
With such a major release there must be thousands upon thousands of back orders. Even the little camera shop down the road has eight on back order. Got mine last week and I can see no possible technical reason for the delay.

Roger Richards


Whatever the reason, it's enough to drive one mad especially if he has sold a D2h to free up some cash. I have a trustworthy contact in Hong Kong who claims the D2x is available but only in small numbers..which -by the way- is more than I can say for Holland, London, Paris even NYC....


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This past week at Daytona Beach was the Annual Bike Week events. I did get a chance to hold a working D2x in my own hands (not a mock up). In fact, I saw at least half a dozen photographers with the D2x. The few I spoke with said the camera performed beautifully but would have to get used to the larger files which gobble up hard drive space with an never ending appetite, lol.

One of the photographers did say he had some problems initially, but that Nikon had corrected the problem for him. He did not expand the discusion on the problem as he was in the middle of covering a bike contest and I did not want to be rude and intrusive.

You can also read Moose Petersons overview of the D2x he uses here:
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> The D2x is real. I attended the PPA convention in New Orleans, Louisiana this past January and actually held one. It felt really great in my hands. It was heavy though, but took a great image with the 12-24 mm lens. So I know that there is at least one working model anyway. But it is too expensive for me now, so I will stay with my D70 and S3 (oops!) >


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Their getting them in as fast as they can.....their not mythical beasts. My friend has one locally here and this weekend we are planing an outing. Their just harder to get ahoold of because demand is exceeding production. This is a highly anticipated camera....so I am expecting the first few months (3-6)to be availibility by list only (list meaning plunking down a huge or complete ammount of cash in advance). In about a year or so.....I will look to get mine...but only after all the hoopla has died down. (and maybe the price)