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Where can I find a Leica CM in stock



I would like to buy the new Lieca CM. However, I can't find any shop has it in stock. I was wondering if anyone can let me know where to buy one?

I have a LEICA CM since last November.

The first one showed serious electronic problems,leading to a complete lock of all functions. The only solution was to take off the battery, wait half a minute, put the battery in place again, and reset the camera. The camera was exchanged by my dealer against a new one.

The second one also shows some electronic problems. When ON, the camera sometimes loose all its settings (flash mode, date, exposure correction). As this happens only "sometimes", I am still using it for the moment, but I intend to sent it back for repair.

Apart from this, the lens is good and the camera is working well. But I am a bit disappointed by the quality.
Thanks. I think it would be better to wait and see if Leica can solve the electronic problems. For a $1,000 P&S camera, I think it should be problem free...
Dear CH Lin

My second LEICA has been replaced by a third one, which works perfectly. It seems to me that LEICA modified the defective part. The electronic problems are now solved.
Dear all, this may be off-topic, but hope you can still help. I've got a minilux, which I still love the ease of use and good quality. Just wonder if any of you experience a weird problem that it often rewind the film roll halfway its finished, which could be quite annoying when I run tight in films. May I ask if anyone know if this is a common problem and will it cost big to get it rectified by Leica? Thanks a million. Rgds, Andy
Hey guys,
I just received a Leica CM Zoom,
and I am disappointed, particularly for a $1200 camera.
Maybe I was expecting too much; a mini-M7 it is not.

To start, is is a bit plastiky;
the main control wheel, the focus wheel, and the
aperature wheel do not
have very positive detents; iE) easy to knock the
focus wheel off Auto focus.

The lens cap has no way to connect it to the camera;
so be prepared to lose it. The idea of a point
and shoot is just that; you do not want to be trying to find a place to put your lens cap;
a little loop would have been nice in order that
you could tie it to the camera.

The viewfinder is extremely small; a one time use camera has
a easier to view-through viewfinder. to be fair, it is sharp,
but way too small. I do not see any reason why they made it
so small; move your head off center 1 mm and you will be out of the window.

The LCD screen is unevenly lighted and looks
"stuck on" as an afterthought. It also looks like they copied a 20 year design; no kidding.

When I put the battery in, I used a coin to open the door as shown in the instruction manual, and the metal of the battery door started to deform!! The metal is softer than a US quarter!! You would think they would use a harder metal, OR, include a little tool, OR advise you use something other than a coin, like a wood or plastic tool to avoid marring the door. So, within five minutes
of getting my hands on it, it has a ding in
the metal.

I have not shot any photos, but I am sure the lens is high quality.
Most $399 digital cameras are better built than this retro film camera.

Last, it is a bit blocky in shape; does not
fit the hand that well, IMHO.

I guess what you are paying for is a nice lens stuck on a not so nice body.

I would say that this little point and shoot is more in the $500-600 dollar value/price range, definitely NOT worth $1200.

I may return it and just get a new M7.
On the other hand, maybe I will run a couple
of rolls through it and think about it some more.

Any comments out there? Go for the minilux??
Be kind.

This is the "let's exploit the Leica name because we need money" $600 camera that they sell for $1200. The Leica name alone has to be worth the extra $600, right?
> Hi, i think the minilux is still a good solution. Mine is a second hand and no problem since 6 months (i just need a -0.5 EV all the time!). >