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Would you still buy a printer nowadays?

I try asking again:
Did you also try larger prints yet? If so, how do you like them?

In my region it is also with larger prints cheaper to give them away instead of printing it on my own.

The main problem is the ink. I do print not very often. The ink will dry before my next print. I risk to damage the printer beside the costly exchange of inksets.

Therefore even if printing A3+ would be cheaper for me in theory by numbers, it would be more expensive in the long run in real life.

If I would print 20 images per week instead of 5 per year this would be different of course.
Indeed 5 prints per year is very little printing:) and I would not buy a printer myself for those numbers.
I' m not printing 20 images per week though. Sometimes once a week, sometimes twice a week...and sometimes weeks without any printing at all.
A simple and cheap nozzle check a week (barely any ink at all), keeps the printer alive...and no clogs at all (in a couple of years now).
I have an Epson XP-950 which I bought for the quality resolution of its scans and its 6 ink colour quality. But also have a Brother HL-2270DW mono laser printer for lower cost basic printing. About 3 years ago I got an Epson ET-2750 eco tank model, and am now about one third through the first tank refill, which was about half the price of a refill of the 6 inks of the XP-950, which seemed to need two sets of ink a year. So my colour printing costs far less - but I'm doing far fewer top grade pix these days, so comparisons are difficult.
Even though I don't print alot, I love the fact if I want to I can there and then, no waiting or anything. I have no local print stores anymore I'd have to travel an hour to the nearest one so with petrol and carparking I'm better off home printing, hate waiting a week for my photo(s) to come from an online printer personally.
Photo inkjet printers are fine, if you use them often.

But what if you have only around 30 images to print per year. Is it worth it in you view, consdering the rsik that the ink is drying inbetween?

And what about the costs? paper, ink and printer are not cheap...
Probably not. I don't print much but can go to a shop with state-of-the art printing is available. It's more sensible.