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Zeiss ZS 50/1.4 on Sigma SD14



in the past I used often the Zeiss ZS 50/1.4 (the same as the ZF, ZK and ZE version) on my Sigma SD14. I liked it a lot. Was a perfect match.

I am a big fan of the Foveon sensor. Unfortunately Sigma does not know how to market it. Kind of the same problems as in the older time with Kyocera and the Contax ND-system: RAW-converter Software bad, ooc-pegs for the trash, no good marketing material to inform about the advantages of the camera/Foveon sensor and of course prices way too high compared to the competition for the features it has (at least the official prices).

But still, if someone knows what to do with it and what to expect, it can become a stunning performer in your hands. It is just nothing for sports or high-ISO photography ;)

best wishes