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Zuiko 3570mm f35f45


New Member
I use this lens as a 'standard' on my OM2n for general everyday shooting. I appreciate that there are quality and performance compromises with zooms as opposed to prime lenses. I have also read reviews on the lens, some good, some mediocre. What are the opinions of the more knowledgeable among us on the quality of this lens?


Well-Known Member
> That's the ultra-compact version. Of the 3 - 35-70s, that ones about the size (or smaller) than the 85 f2. John


Well-Known Member
> I've repaired it but never had a chance to use one. When I say there were 3 35-70s, I intentionally leave out the AF one made for the OM-77/88, and the el-cheapo made by Cosina to go with the OM-2000.