Welcome to the Friendly Aisles!

This is the new home (not only) for DPReview users!

We are a spin-off of DPReview, offering you forums, user reviews and user galleries as you are used to at DPReview.com.

We are a photography forum with people from all over the world freely sharing their knowledge and love of photography.

We created this place because DPReview announced that it will close and delete its site on 10.4.2023. But after we launched, this did not happen. OnĀ  20.6.2023 DPReview was sold to a site called “Gear Patrol”.

Do not worry. This acquisition does not change our mission and commitment for DPRF. No matter the outcome of this sale, DPRF will stay.

Everybody is welcome, from beginners to the experienced professional. Whether it is Medium Format, fullframe, APS-C, MFT or smaller formats. Digital or film. DPRF is a forum for everybody and for every format.

We use a modern, professional software for the forums, the reviews and the galleries. Future proof.

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DPRforum - successor of DPreview.com

Who are we? We are photo enthusiasts and professionals who share the love for photography/video in general. We have been members of the DPReview forums for over 15 years.

We are managing community forums for over 20 years and are experts in this field.

All our forums are for free and will always be free.

We want to have fun and enjoy photography with others. Life is too short for battles.

Join this new home now!

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