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  1. DrLex

    Small but beautiful

    This flower only measures about 7mm across.
  2. DrLex

    Deep Purple

  3. DrLex


  4. DrLex

    Wet begonias

    Making the best of the dreary weather…
  5. DrLex

    Hedge bindweed

    These are difficult to capture due to their color and shape. Also, I was sure I had switched to a lower ISO than this, but the Exif (and noise) proves otherwise…
  6. DrLex


    Another case of aiming for a shot when the damn things weren't moving due to the wind for once. The few passers-by must have thought I'm crazy, and I probably am.
  7. DrLex

    Hydrangea (a.k.a. Hortensia)

    The flowers get a different color depending on the acidity of the soil. These are all photos from the same single plant, it seems it's sitting right in a place where the acidity levels are on the threshold between the flowers becoming either blue or pink. I also have a confession to make...
  8. P6302159-dprf


    Lavender up close
  9. DrLex

    Lavender, with an inhabitant

    Trying to get good shots of tiny flowers and bugs swaying in the wind with only some reflected evening sunlight… I must be masochistic. The bug is less than 7mm in size.
  10. Rose


  11. DrLex

    Digitalis and Lemon thyme blossom

    Find the little spider.
  12. DrLex


    … lots of them.