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Color Shift on Smartphone


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I have been n using Sony Xperia phones for quite a few years and recently got an Xperia 1V. A friend asked me to take a photo of a painting he wanted to have printed. I took the photo as a JPEG and when I compared the photo with the painting the change in the colors was obvious and obnoxious The pale blue background became a horrible green. I took another photo with JPEG+RAW. The Raw looked fine and the JPEG looked horrible. I spent the afternoon taking photos with RAW+JPEG and in normal photos the color shift was there but as long as the relative values between the colors was consistent I wouldn't have noticed. So, I accepted I'd shoot only in RAW although my least favorite task in the photographic process is the computer. I woke up this morning with lots of ideas and when to Display and then White
Balance in my settings menu. The white balance had four choices: warm, medium, cool, custom. I had assumed this just had an effect on the smartphone display. I was wrong. When I set the white balance to cool the JPEG photos looked exactly the same as the RAW photos.

On my Xperia 1 V, who I set the white balance in settings effects how the phone processes the photos. I don't know if yours does or not but you might want to check.