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Has anyone heard weird news about Nikon P1000.


I haven't checked the Nikon P1000 stock. It may have been Discontinued. I've read, P1000 at its extreme Focal Length, shows Stars as shimmering objects. What's that? Can this be confirmed?

Some who believe say they're not Stars but "Angels". Crazy, I know.

This video just shows diffraction effects (on star image or any point-like light source image) caused by camera lens aperture itself and turbulence of air in the atmosphere (so called "seeing" effect). P1000 FL is "extreme" just in terms of severe overpowering tiny optics, nothing more. You can't cheat the physics, the physics can cheat You :p
The same effect You probably could have while videorecording a star image through a tiny, "department store", "for children" telescope (or rather telescope-like product) at maximum magnification advertised by manufacturer. They sometimes sell something with 60 mm aperture diameter and absurdal power 600x which is physically usable for nothing.
Moreover, You can see the same effect with Your own eyes in any serious telescope, when You slightly or seriously defocus an image of a star. You'll see clearly those difraction rings, slightly vibrating due to seeing effects.