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Help with Contax RX! The first press of shutter will not actuate the shutter or the mirror, but fine afterwards.


New Member
This happens every once in a while when the camera was rested/not used.

Any thoughts what would cause this? just picked
up the camera recently on eBay, nothing wrong with it except that each roll I shot will have 2,3 blank shots because of the issue.
No idea, sorry to say.
There is a guy in France who might be able to fix it. So far, he has helped me whenever I got any problems with my Contax SLRs (RTS II, 139 - but he seems to be experienced in models from the 90s also).
I believe the RX is rather famous for its electronic issues. In mine a motor starts running as soon as I insert the battery. Nothing happens, but it drains the battery, so I hardly ever use it. It's a pity. The RX is my favourite manual focus 35mm camera by a wide margin.