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Noontime Walk


Here are a couple of pictures taken about 45 minutes apart. It was mid-day and sunny, so the light is somewhat harsh. I tried to tone it down in post. The first image (stitched pano) is from the Magnolia Bridge looking out at Piers 90 & 91. This cruise ship terminal is located adjacent to fish processing facilities (American Seafoods, Glacier and Northstar). The other the cruise ship terminal is at Pier 66. You can see the top of Mt. Rainier peeking out above the Ovation of the Seas. Note the Pier 86 grain terminal (on the left just below the tall building) which you can also see in the 2nd picture. The railroad tracks run just to the west of Elliott Avenue at this location. Farther to the north is BNSF Interbay Yard where there is a small-to-mid-sized maintenance shop, roundhouse, and fueling services. The parking garage is the back-side of the Expedia campus. I parked my car at the foot of the bridge. First I walked west (up the bridge) then down, then over to the train tracks. Roughly 1.25 miles (2 km) in 45 minutes while stopping to take the pictures. Always fun to get out with the camera!

terminal-91-small by J.E. Frantzen, on Flickr

expedia-interbay-south-small by J.E. Frantzen, on Flickr
Great photos and looks like fantastic weather there at the moment!