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My favorite quote concerning photography comes from Edward Weston and his portrait of President Orozco of Mexico.
"The sitting was made in the failing light of a day crowded with events. Holding the Graflex,---there was no time for working with tripod, I could not stop down beyond 6.3, so the definition is not perfect, but practically satisfactory."
From Edward Weston--Portraits

An agent from a charity was selecting photos for a charity auction. He looked through prints I'd selected and choose a few. Then he went to a table where I'd put prints I'd rejected and picked one up. He looked at it and said, "I want this one." Like a pompous ass I explained what was wrong with the photo. He looked at me and said, "And, I'm sure every other photographer will see those things. But, this photo will sell." He took it and he was right. It sold well in spite of the technical flaws.
Depends on the type of shooting. For some shots, the best possible technical performance isn't required. For others, it is.